Astonishing and beautiful images of parasites displayed in front of your eyes.

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    ① Understanding parasites
    The definition and classification of parasites
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    ② Parasites in the history
    Parasites found in ancient documents, the story of parasites found in mummies (mummy model exhibition)
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    ③ Parasite control for health promotion
    The history of parasitology and parasite control in Korea, economic growth and change of parasite infection
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    ④ The story of parasites
    Nematodes, trematodes, cestodes, protozoa / life cycles of parasites and specimens of intestinal trematodes
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    ⑤ Parasites in humans
    Parasites and infectious diseases (human body touch screen)
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    ⑥ The interesting story of parasites
    Interesting lifestyles of parasites (Gordius sp., Schistosoma sp.)
  • floor_1_7
    ⑦ Diorama of parasitic disease diagnosis
    When mom and dad were children (stool examination in school in the 1970s)
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    ⑧ Trematode world
    Collection and electron microscope images of 17 types of trematode
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