Welcome to Korea's one and only Parasitological Museum.

The KAHP Parasite Museum is the first museum which specialized in exhibiting various parasites in Korea. In the past, Korea had severe health and hygiene problems due to poor health facilities and unsanitary environment. Especially, the infection rate of the intestinal helminth was 90-100%, so Korea was stigmatized as a "Parasite Kingdom". In order to control parasitic diseases, Korea Association of Health Promotion (KAHP) examined 356,382,559 including students, residents, workers and soldiers from 1969, and administered anthelmintic to 85,761,722.

This is the history of “Parasite eradication” that have not been found anywhere else in the world. KAHP, which has participated in this project, will try to mark another page in history since we establish parasite museum.
With the establishment of the only parasite museum in Korea, we would like to shed new light the parasites that are being neglected by systematically preserving and displaying parasites from all over the world.
In addition, we expect that it will contribute greatly to disease prevention and health care by informing the people of parasites easily.

Welcome to the parasitological museum. We hop you have a meaningful experience.